Below is the table which shows the top 6 best the fabric softener 2018. Each and every the fabric softener is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh, 240 Count

We admit, the outdoors smell great. But with our Bounce Outdoor Fresh fabric softener dryer sheets you also get fewer wrinkles, way less static cling, repel lint and hair while keeping your fabrics soft - all on top of an outdoor fresh scent. Ahhhhh, now that’s a breath of fresh air.

  • One 240 count box only
  • Helps reduce wrinkles. 1 sheet = Small & Medium loads. 2 sheets = Large & HE Full loads. 3 sheets = Extra Large & HE Full loads
  • Controls static cling in fabrics
  • Helps repel lint and hair
  • Softens fabrics
  • Color safe


# 2 - Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Fabric Softener, Honeysuckle, 32 Fl Oz

All you need is half a capful of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day's Fabric Softener in your rinse cycle to make your clothes smell fresh, feel fluffy and soft, reduce unsightly static cling and make ironing easier. Just imagine. Contains softening ingredients from plant-derived sources, Cotton Extract, and essential oils for garden-fresh fragrance. HE compatible. 32 loads per bottle.

  • Contains softening ingredients from plant sources, cotton extract, and essential oils for garden-fresh fragrance
  • 99% naturally derived ingredients, including water content
  • HE compatible


# 3 - All Liquid Fabric Softener, Free Clear For Sensitive Skin, 48 Fluid Ounces, 60 Loads

All laundry detergent has been fighting tough dirt and stains for over 50 years. Full of concentrated cleaning power. All Oxi now contains In-Wash Pre-Treaters for whiter whites. Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines. Powerful Clean. Gentle on Skin.

  • From the #1 Detergent Brand recommended by Dermatologists for Sensitive Skin
  • Use together with all free clear detergent and dryer sheets to make fabrics cleaner, softer, and more comfortable against your family's sensitive skin
  • 100% free of dyes and perfumes and gentle on skin
  • up to 60 loads of softness
  • Safe for all HE and standard washing machines.
  • All free clear is the #1 recommended detergent brand by Dermatologists Allergists and Pediatricians for sensitive skin
  • It's tough on stains yet gentle enough for the whole family
  • Plus, it's safe for use in standard and HE machines
  • It rinses clean and has a gentle, hypoallergenic formula
  • Powerful Clean; Gentle on Skin


# 4 - Gain Botanicals Liquid Fabric Softener, White Tea & Lavender, 2 Count

Gain Botanicals plant based fabric softener is specially formulated to smell irresistible and nurture your clothes. Gain Botanicals is made from plant-based active ingredients and is bursting with the irresistible scent of lavender. USDA certified 70% Bio-based product. This liquid fabric conditioner works in all washing machines, High Efficiency (HE) and standard (both front - and top-load). Money Back Guarantee: Love it or your money back! If you are not completely satisfied with our liquid laundry product for any reason we will give you your money back. See details on or contact us at 1-855-790-3877.

  • Gain's first plant based fabric softener with the irresistible scent of Gain Botanicals White Tea and Lavender. Formula is 70% Bio-Based made with plant based active.
  • Pair Gain Botanicals plant based fabric softener with laundry detergent for even more noticeable scent! USDA certified 70% Bio-based product
  • Gentle on skin
  • No dyes, parabens, optical brighteners


# 5 - Downy Ultra April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner Smart Pouch, Fabric Softener - 48 Oz. Pouches, 3 Pack

Downy April Fresh Fabric Conditioner is more than just a fabric softener. It softens, freshens, and protects your clothes, leaving them with a pleasing floral scent. And it's easy to use in both top- and front-loading machines. When you use Downy, fabrics just feel better. Now available in the convenient new Downy Pouch. Downy Pouch packaging makes your fabric conditioner convenient to store and easy to use-just pour it from the pouch into an empty Downy bottle or use it directly from the pouch using a measuring cup. For best results, use WITH detergent. Ultra Downy is a fabric conditioner…

  • Downy Ultra Liquid Fabric Conditioner is a fabric softener that protects clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz
  • With half the packaging (versus 51 OZ bottle), Downy Pouch is easy to pour and easy to store
  • Downy Pouch takes up less shelf space (versus 51 OZ bottle)
  • Fights static cling and softens fabrics
  • Long-lasting scent helps keep clothes smelling fresh