Below is the table which shows the top 6 best salad spinner 2017 2018. Each and every salad spinner 2017 is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Salad Cutter Bowl,eseoe Upgraded Vegetable Cutter Bowl For Salad In 60 Seconds ,best Vegetable Chopper Salad Maker(8 Inches)

Description: It was able to turn the colander part 90°without turning the fruit underneath with it, so that you could cut the ingredients both directions, it didn't make a mess at all and did well in your dishwasher. Less cutting markrs--Produced from food grade hardness ABS material, the premium built salad cutting bowl is durable, long-lasting and not easy to leave scratch. Also not endanger your health.The premium built bowl looks extremely attractive and its design is mesmeric. We know what you really need when you are busy cooking and that is why we tried to combine it in one…

  • 『Absolutely AMAZING! SALAD LOVERS'FAVORITE』--ESEOE 2017 latest expansion edition of salad bowl allows you to make a delicious salad just in 60 seconds! It can effectively help you to solve the hassle of cutting salad separately so you can enjoy varied fresh salad everyday to maintain a balanced nutrition.
  • 『DOUBLE BOWL & HIGHER CAPACITY』--Our salad cutting bowl , which includes two salad bowls and has higher capacity for 4-5 people's food, is larger than standard salad bowl. Go into action! Enjoy your hand-made salad with your family or friends!
  • 『FOUR FUNCTIONS IN ONE』-- Ordinary bowl + water strainer + cutting board + vegetable chopper = our salad bowl. It can help you to save more money---the base can be used as a cutting board, the cover can not only be drained for cleaning, it also can be used as a vegetable chopper to cut different sizes of salad by rotation for meeting your individual taste.
  • 『DO NOT CUT YOUR FINGERS』--Compared with the old cutting board, the fixed vertical bars of our salad bowl is designed to ensure the safety of your fingers and completely solve your troubles.
  • 『YOU CAN GET MORE FROM US』--1*base+ 2* bowls(made of 100% food grade material, free BPA)+ 1* manual+ our worry-free 180 day warranty and friendly customer service. If you have any questions or are not satisfied with the product, please contact us and we will solve the problem in the shortest possible time.


# 2 - Fit & Fresh Salad Spinner, Transparent/white, 4 Qt./136 Fl.oz.

Fit & Fresh salad spinner 4, 0 L transparent/white, 3 in 1: saving space because you have a salad spinner, colander and bowl in one, Stylish, high quality salad bowl - perfect for preparing and serving, Suitable for salad, fruit and vegetables, Color: white, Dishwasher safe, Made in Germany, Volume: 4000ml, Material: plastic Size: Length: 29.5 cm Width: 29.5 cm Height: 17 cm Emsa article number: 503491, Pack contains:1 Emsa Fit & Fresh Salad Spinner, White, Salad Bowl, Colander, 503491

  • Stylish and versatile - 3-in-1 spinner, colander and salad serving bowl
  • Rinse your fresh fruit or veg, spin dry, then use the fine tableware bowl to serve
  • Durable, robust, ingenious - perfect for simply preparing and serving
  • Practical and elegant solutions for preparing and serving food; dishwashable, 2 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Contents: 3-in1 spinner, colander and serving bowl, 4 litres, white


# 3 - New 2017 Salad Cutter Bowl - Lightweight Easy To Use Perfect Salad Maker Chopper And Strainer For Vegetables Or Fruits, Dishwasher Friendly & Easy To Clean

 salad in 60 seconds! 1.Put the ingredients into the bowl and wash to clean, make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl. 2.Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover fix well with the base. 3.Cut the ingredients in the card slot into small pieces to make salad. 4.Rotate 90 degrees of the upper cover and fix again with the base. 5.Cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller. 6.Done the making. Enjoy your delicious salad! Features: Portable, multifunctionality, easy to clean, dishwasher safe. Safe to use never hurt your finger…

  • ★FAST & EASY - Our easy salad cutter bowl allows you to save time making healthy salads. It is easier and more convenient for you to make healthy salads every day. Finish within only 60 seconds
  • ★CONVENIENT&MULTIFUNCTION - O'Salata - your progressive chopper. Cutting board, Strainer, Salad Spinner, Vegetable Chopper, Salad Cutter, Vegetable slicer, Mini chopper and Bowl - all in one. Easy to clean and space saving. Dishwasher safe. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • ★HIGH QUALITY - Each product is made using high quality ABS polypropylene, it withstands impacts to provide years of fresh, healthy salads
  • ★SAFE&CLEVER - Our design makes you worry-free about cutting your fingers. Just cut all kind of fruits or vegetables directly in the cutter bowl. Free cutting board, no need to clean too many containers anymore
  • GREAT ASSISTANT FOR HEALTHY LIFE - After receiving our products, you will make a revolution in the preparation of fresh salads. Take care about ingredients and you will have access to healthy food at any time! Do you enjoy trips to the countryside or traveling far away from restaurants and cafes? Surprise your friends with healthy food in 60 seconds. With O'Salata you will open new horizons for imagination and experimentation.


# 4 - 60 Seconds Salad Cutter Bowl, New 2017 Second Salad Cutter Bowl - Original 60 Magic Salad Maker - Chop Fresh Vegetables And Fruits In Seconds

Enjoy Life and do a nutritious and delicious salad For your and your family First: put all your ingredients into the straner bowl and wash to clean Second: Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover fix well with the base Third: Rotate the bowl multi-angle to slicer it,cut the ingredients again in the card slot to make them smaller Forth: You can enjoy your delicious salad made by yourself

  • Fast: Finish only 60 seconds, Save your Time easy to make your delicious Salad
  • No Waste: All in a bowl completely
  • Nutrition Balanced: Matches with a variety of foods, You like you choose
  • Clean: No cutting Board needed,direct making,more clean
  • Safe: Never worried about cutting your fingers


# 5 - Salad Chopper Bowl, 60 Seconds Salad,maker Fruit Vegetable Bowl Cutter, Fast Fresh Salad Slicer Chopper. Slicer & Dicer Fruit Salad Bowl Cutter Chopper And Spinner. As Seen On Tv. Trends Healthy

Albaley New 2017 Salad Bowl Cutter in 60 Seconds Fruit Vegetable Practical & Easy Healthy Everyone loves a fresh, healthy, nutrition balanced salad. But to prepare a salad at home, you have to wash and rinse the lettuce, slice and chop all of the ingredients, then slice and chop some more, even make your cut board so mess...what a chore! With this salad bowl can make you easy to enjoy a salad. This salad strainer bowl can make you enjoy a nutrition balanced salad more easily. Safe: Never worried about cutting your finger HOW TO USE SALAD BOWL CUTTER: 1-…

  • HEALTHY: You can enjoy delicious and healthy salads in as little as 60 seconds
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Salad bowl is not only a bowl for you to cut vegetables and fruits when make salad, but also a draining basket for you to wash them. With this practical kitchen assistant you can prepare delicious and healthy salads and at the same time save time to enjoy with your family.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN:Do not worry about cleaning Chop through the slits in one direction without mess cross cut. Just give your bowl a quick rinse or pop in the dishwasher.
  • PRACTICAL AND EASY: All you need to have on hand is fresh fruits and vegetables and a SALAD BOWL CUTTER
  • QUICK: Compared to traditional salad-making way, using salad maker will help you make delicious salad within 60 seconds