Below is the table which shows the top 6 best rated lawn fertilizer 2018. Each and every rated lawn fertilizer is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Just Scentsational Tp-2.5g Trident's Pride Liquid Fish Soil Fertilizer, 320 Oz (2.5 Gallon)

Trident's pride liquid fish fertilizer/ soil enhancer by bare ground is an OMRI rated, all-natural, 100% organic fish fertilizer which adds proteins & enzymes to soil. This concentrated high-energy soil nutrient broth creates a great foundation for building the best Lawns, crops or gardens. Using trident's pride by bare ground allows you to cut down on the need for chemical fertilizers while still increasing soil anti-oxidants, sugar content & earthworm population. The increased soil microbe production also reduces the need for pesticide usage & creates stronger growth by increasing the cation exchange of soil ions.

  • Omri-rated, all-natural, 100% organic fish fertilizer adds proteins and enzymes to soil
  • Concentrated, high-energy soil nutrient broth creates better lawns, crops, or gardens
  • Trident's pride cuts down on chemical fertilizers while increasing anti-oxidants, sugar, and earthworm population
  • Increased microbe production reduces the need for pesticides and creates stronger growth
  • This fertilizer comes in an easy-pour jug with a handle for easy application


# 2 - Lebanon Seaboard Corporation 28-29203 Green View No.3 Fairway Formula Sunny Mixture

Quick germination and lawn establishment. Perfect for patching small spots or for planting new lawns with full sun. Withstands heavy traffic from children and pets. 99.9% weed free. Beautiful green color

  • Quick germination and lawn establishment
  • Perfect for patching small spots or for planting new lawns with full sun
  • Withstands heavy traffic from children and pets
  • 99.9% weed free
  • Beautiful green color


# 3 - Green Air Cd-36ng Co2 Generator With Ng Rated Hoses, 36 Cu. Ft.

CO2 generators operate by burning carbonaceous fuels such as propane or natural gas. The burners used in green air products co2 generators are specifically designed to maximize the production of co2 and minimize heat as a by-product. Through the use of a constant burning pilot and equipped with a safety valve to avoid the loss of fuel should the pilot light go out, green air products generators provide co2 far more economically than any other means of enrichment. The generators may be controlled with timers, are easily installed, dependable and efficient. Transformer included. Operates on 110 volt AC.

  • CO2 generator CD-36NG - 36 cu.ft. per hour natural gas
  • Pre set up just plug and play
  • Cd-36ng generator, natural gas only


# 4 - Kohler Rdt-cfnc-0200a Whole-house 200 Amp Indoor/outdoor-rated Automatic Transfer Switch (discontinued By Manufacturer)

  • 200 amp automatic transfer switch rated for whole-house indoor/outdoor use
  • Compatible with Kohler generator models 30RESA, 38RCL, and 48RCL
  • Automatically transfers power to and from normal power source and generator
  • User-friendly interface; aluminum corrosion-resistant outdoor enclosure
  • Measures approximately 6 by 13 by 24 inches; 5-year/2000-hour limited warranty


# 5 - Flordacrest Peach Tree - Size: 4-5 Ft, Live Plant, Includes Special Blend Fertilizer & Planting Guide

This tasty peach tree has been rated by the University of Florida as the best overall peach for North Florida—and for good reason! The FlordaCrest peach cultivar produces delicious red skinned and yellow fleshed fruit that ripen in mid-May and require 350 chill hours. The FlordaCrest will flower beginning in February and should be fertilized in early spring for best results. This peach variety is low maintenance and prefers well-drained and sandy loam soils and full sunlight. Watering regularly, especially during dry periods, will ensure good health for this peach tree. More Detail: Botanical Name: Prunus persica 'FlordaCrest' Sun Light:…

  • Includes special blend fertilizer & planting guide
  • Low chill hours required
  • Edible, Sweet fruit
  • Self-fertile
  • Sorry, this item does not ship to CA or AZ due to state laws