Below is the table which shows the top 6 best grass seed for northeast 2018. Each and every grass seed for northeast is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Northeast Nursery Premium Sun And Shade Mixture Grass Seed 10 Lbs.

Our most popular seed mix for both sunny and shady conditions. This mix features the very best varieties from Mountain View Professional Seed which are highly rated in the NTEP trials for excellent color, drought tolerance and disease resistance. We have carefully selected genetically diverse combinations of Kentucky Bluegrasses to aid in disease resistance and consistent season-long color. This mix requires average fertility and maintenance programs. 25% Confetti III Perennial Ryegrass20% Homerun GLSR Perennial Ryegrass20% Cardinal Creeping Red Fescue 10% Longfellow II Chewing's Fescue 10% Arrowhead Kentucky Bluegrass (Aggressive Type)10% Fahrenheit 90 Hybrid Bluegrass (TxKy Type) 5% Blue Note Kentucky…


# 2 - Pennington Bare Spot Repair Grass Seed Mix - 1 Lb

Pennington Bare Spot Repair is a grass seed mixture that establishes rapidly to patch bare spots and pet-damaged areas and blends very well with existing grass. Bare Spot Repair grass seed mix can also be used to seed small new lawns. This mixture is specifically designed for yards in the Central US region (i.e., North Central, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, the southern most states in the Northeast and the northern most states in the Southeast).Pennington's Penkoted technology protects the grass seed from deadly fungus to give it a better chance to grow.

  • Germinates quickly for fast coverage
  • Ideal for patching bare spots and thinning areas
  • Great for repairing pet-damaged areas
  • Mixes very well with existing grass
  • Designed to grow best in the following areas of the US: North Central, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, the southern most states in the Northeast and the northern most states in the Southeast
  • Pennington's exclusive Penkote technology protects the seed from deadly fungus


# 3 - Scotts Lawns 17933 Turf Builder Northeast Grass Seed Mix, 7-lbs. - Quantity 4

Scotts, 7 LB, Turf Builder Northeast Grass Seed Mix, Grows In Thick To Help Keep Out Dandelions and Crabgrass, Developed To Thrive In The Challenging Northeast Conditions, Ideal For Areas Of Sun and Shade.

  • Scotts Lawns
  • 17933
  • 4
  • NEW
  • 32.16


# 4 - Pennington 100086579 Smart Seed Northeast Mix, 3-pound

Pennington 100086579 Smart Seed Northeast Mix 3 Lb. requires less watering. Maximizes fertilizer performance and grows a denser, deeper root system. Grows into beautiful, healthy, thick grass. 99.9-percent weed free. Contains no fillers.

  • Requires Less Watering
  • For Healthy, Thick Grass
  • Grows A Denser, Deeper Root System
  • Mix Is 99.9-percent Weed Free
  • Contains No Fillers


# 5 - 10# Tri Hybrid Blue Blend

This blend features the very best of today's Heat Tolerant Hybrid Bluegrass. The varieties are a cross between Texas Bluegrass (poa arachnifera) and Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis). The results are fine turf which exhibits high heat tolerance, drought tolerance disease tolerance, outstanding color and aggressive growth. Each variety delivers exceptional performance, high disease resistance and a stunning appearance.Heat Tolerant Bluegrass provides beautiful, durable bluegrass options for use in mixes or blends on golf courses, home lawns, commercial-properties and sports fields. Ideal for premium campus, commercial or home lawns can be used in athletic fields. It is also a perfect fit…