Below is the table which shows the top 6 best drain unclogger for hair 2018. Each and every drain unclogger for hair is chosen by our specialist reviewers.


# 1 - Drain Cleaner And Cleaning Tool By Green-world - Set Of 3 Hair Drain Clog Remover And Removal Opener Sink And Bathtub, Toilet - Hook Catcher Unclogger And Auger Plumbing - Zip It

Save your money you will no longer need expensive professional plumber services with this simple.

  • Multi-function package carefully designed in usa packing will let you store our drain cleaner as a snakes conveniently and be in charge of the drains cleaning schedule (once per month is recommended), fast shipping - ships from usa,
  • Ecologicaly clean 100% ecologically safe drain opener for you and environment, no toxic fumes in your home,
  • Save your money you will no longer need expensive professional plumber services with this simple in use and affordable drain cleaning tool,
  • Simple and reliable flexible and firm drain cleaners, set of 3, 20", provide guaranteed cleaning of the drains in bathtubs, kitchens, toilet and all possible sinks (instructions inside the package),
  • Reusable can be used over and over until visible damages occur. Simply remove all the obstructions and rinse in water. But our special price affords you to keep hands clean and simply get rid of the tool after cleaning,


# 2 - Drain Snake,5 Pack Of Tencal 20'' Hair Drain Clog Remover Cleaning Tool And Drain Cleaner For Sink And Bathtub Toilet,hook Catcher Unclogger And Auger Plumbing

Features: Drain & hair removal cleaner tool Quick & easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains With tiny hooks for hooking up hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly A loop on one end for easy operation Simply insert the device into a pipe and pull out Widely used for your bathrooms, sinks, tubs, dredge pipe, clean drain, sewers etc. Length: about 52cm Handle width: 4cm Hook width: about 0.7cm Material: ABS plastic Package included: 5 x Tencal Drain Clog Remover

  • 5 Pack of 20'' plastic drain snake hair removel tool
  • Flexible and firm removel tool can efficiently catches hair,food and other blockages,Ideal for bathroom,kitchen and other place where most clogs occur
  • Made of solid and flexible materials that can be reused, more reliable and durable
  • Easy to use and clean,take less money and more environmental than other ways
  • Worry-free Warranty service,100% money back,for any question, please feel free to contact us


# 3 - Flexisnake Drain Weasel Sink Snake - Drain Clog Remover Kit Includes Rotating Handle And 5 Micro-hook Refill Wands - Thin, Flexible And Easy To Use - Safe For Most Drains And Grates

The Quick, Convenient Way to Remove Clogs!Sink snakes are a safe, affordable alternative to chemical drain cleaners. But some models are far from convenient. Jagged barbs catch on the drain and can even scratch your pipes, while stiff, rigid wands make it impossible to accommodate curved plumbing.With the Drain Weasel, FlexiSnake is revolutionizing the way you tackle clogs! It’s all thanks to 100+ micro-hooks, specially designed to grab and hold hair on contact. And unlike other sink snakes, they won’t latch onto the drain or damage your pipes! Our incredible wands also feature a 360-degree rotating handle, making it easier…

  • Instantly Remove Clogs: With 360-degree rotation, the Weasel pipe snake effectively tackles your biggest clogs! The secret is our incredible patented micro-hooks, which grab onto hair, filth and grime without damaging your pipes or catching on drain parts.
  • Extra-Long Design: Measuring 18 inches in length, deep, hard-to-reach clogs are no longer out of your grasp! And because our drain pipe cleaners are flexible and ultra-thin, they wind around curves and slip into most drains and grates with no disassembly required.
  • Easy to Use: Not a plumber? That's no problem! Our easy-to-use drain opener works in 3 steps. Simply insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove the clog. When you're done, just toss the head in the trash. Your order includes 5 refills for hassle-free convenience.
  • Trusted Quality: Featuring quick-connect technology and a molded plastic sleeve, our shower drain cleaner wand remains securely in place as you work! We created a strong and durable product which is a must-have in all homes.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Think your clog is too big to handle? Try out our snake drain cleaner risk-free for 30 days! If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, let our friendly customer service team know and you'll receive a full refund.


# 4 - Cysj 20 Inch Bathroom Drain Hair Clog Remover Drain Snake Cleaning Tool (4pack)

Parameter: Material: Plastic Length:20inch Weight:4ounce Item Package quantity:4 pcs Color:Orange Featuers: Special design of drain cleaner: flexible and bendable spring loaded cable with easy comfortable grip handle on top and heavy duty steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, which make this grabber tool accessible to most hard to reach narrow bended places. Precautions: 1.Keep in safe areas where out of children's reach. 2.Please do protect your eyes well when using the product.

  • 1. 20 inch flexible barbed wand can easily grab and remove clustered hair, food, garbage, and other obstructions easily
  • 2. The material is plastic, soft enough to snake into small strainers or pipes that may be clogged often. great for kitchen, bathroom & utility sinks, bathtubs and showers
  • 3. Save your money. you will no longer need expensive professional plumber services with this simple in use and affordable drain cleaning tool
  • 4. Reusable. it can be used over and over until visible damages occur. Simply remove all the obstructions and rinse in water
  • 5. More environmental and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners


# 5 - Cooper Gtv Drain Snake Clog Remover Drain Snake, 6 Pack Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog, Drain Snake Hair Tool, 20 Inch Drain Snake Drain Relief Cleaner Tool For Sink, Tube Drain Cleaning

Details: Drain snake hair drain clog can help you clean sink sewer pipes regularly to avoid water in sink and drain slowly. It's convenient and healthy. A. Methods: Plastic Drain Snake 1. Plug pointed part into the sink slowly until near to handle. 2. Hold the handle loop, pull it from up and down and rotate a few times. 3. If you feel that there are blockages on hook, and then lift it up slowly. 4. Throw the rubbish to trash can. B. Methods: Stainless Steel Cleaner 1. Plug claw part into the sink slowly. 2. Hold the handle, press…

  • Plastic Drain Snake is 19.7 inch length, 0.31 inch width, 1.57 inch handle's width. It's long enough to go deep into sink pipes.
  • The stainless steel cleaner is about 24 inch length, 0.9 inch width, PP + stainless steel materials with good toughness, there is a claw can grip hairs and other blockages tightly.
  • Package including 6 Pack Drain Snake Hair Drain Clog, 1stainless steel cleaner and 5 plastic drain snake tools for Sink, Tube Drain Cleaning.
  • Drain snake clog remover is used PP material, its softness and hardness are proper; it's very easy to bend to plug into pipes, like snake moving.
  • Drain snake hair tool can be applied to many places widely, for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs where most clogs occurred. Multi-tooth drain snakes efficiently catch hair, food and other blockages.